Do You Buy The Finest Tea for Your Business?

(And if not, should you?)

We are tea merchants. We buy teas from all the main tea-producing regions and carry them in stock.

We sell some of them as they are, as pure "self-drinking" teas - this is the norm for the speciality teas from China and Japan, as well as the very good Orthodox teas from India, Sri Lanka and Kenya.

Others we use in our blends. We do all the blending and teabag manufacture here in our Portsmouth tea factory.

We also flavour teas and add spices and herbs as required. We only use pure, natural flavouring oils, from real fruits.

We pack the finished product - a leaf blend or teabags - into its final packaging, ready for sale.

So - almost uniquely - we handle the entire process ourselves, from receipt of raw teas to packing and labelling of the finished product.

The Portsmouth Tea Factory is open to the public. We have a small factory shop, which is popular with Portsmouth locals. Anyone is welcome to visit and if we're not too busy we'll be happy to show you around. You can even sit and have a cup of tea - leaf tea in a teapot, served in bone china, which is best for tea.

We're a tiny company by the standards of the tea trade. There is just a handful of small traditional tea merchants left these days, and our share of the market is insignificant compared with the large national tea packing companies.

We believe that it means we are able to focus more on high-quality teas, with real flavour, because we don't have to reduce the quality of our blends just to meet the price aspirations of the supermarkets.

We supply caterers, retail stockists, internet and high street tea merchants and a surprising variety of businesses.

We are also retailers ourselves, supplying teas to the public via this website, our factory shop, and the Local Home Delivery scheme. The great advantage of that is that we are closer to our end users and understand better than most what customers like and don't like.

We only supply tea under our own name, in our own packaging. Our quality is second to none and we are proud of the teas we supply. So it's only right that we put our name on it.

Unfortunately we do not currently have the capability to make string/tag/envelope teabags. Our machinery is not suitable for that. So we only provide traditional square teabags, with no string or tag.

All our teas are supplied in strong, airtight foil bags, mostly with a resealable closure. It's important that tea is kept fresh, or it loses its flavour.

If you'd like to know more, please browse through this website and have a look at our Facebook page. Then feel free to give us a call and ask your questions. We have come across most situations before and very little surprises us, so ask away.

The phone number is 02392 750122.