“We can make your tea business more profitable. All our blends and tea bags are made here in our Portsmouth factory.”

Tea | Wholesale Tea Suppliers

Wholesale Tea, direct from a reputable Blender and Packer, is something that many businesses require. If you run a hotel, a restaurant or a café, or if you are planning to launch or expand a chain of fashionable modern Tea Bars, we can help you.  If you are a tea buyer for a cruise line, a cash and carry, or for a distributor needing new, exciting tea products, we can help you.  If you are an independent retailer, we can help you.  If you have a special project requiring a bespoke tea blend packed into tea bags with special packaging needs, we can help you.

Our approach to Wholesale Tea, and what makes us different.

We can help you in all these different situations because we are a competent, independent and efficient Wholesale Tea Supplier.  We make all our blends and tea bags at our site in Portsmouth, which you are welcome to visit.  You will be dealing with the tea blender and packer directly, not a middleman.  We will respond quickly and flexibly to your call or email, whatever your situation. If the need is urgent, tell us.  We will do our best to meet it.  The more difficult the problem, the more we will enjoy working with you to fix it.

Wholesale Tea can seem complicated at first.

Some people are not sure how to start when they realise that they need to find a Wholesale Tea Supplier for the first time, or to change their existing supplier.  Consumers today are demanding.  They require an excellent choice and quality.  They expect staff to be able to tell them something about the tea.  This means that wholesale tea buying has tended to mean either getting the very finest, most expensive speciality teas, or buying the cheapest, poorest teas.  In general, neither approach is usually advisable.  It is necessary instead to try to understand the demands of your particular market, and to attempt to predict the range and quality of teas that will best meet the expressed and unexpressed needs of that market.  To achieve that takes experience, training, and knowledge.  We will assist with all three.

Clear, simple, practical Wholesale Tea advice.

We tell you what you need to know, and then we get on with our job so you can get on with yours.  Some of our wholesale tea customers call us regularly, long before and after their first purchase, to ask our opinion on what teas to stock, how to market them, and how to brew and serve them correctly.  We are happy to provide this service, because we depend upon long-standing business relationships.  Our closeness to our wholesale tea customers gives us deep and broad knowledge of the market.

Your business has unique Wholesale Tea needs.

Different businesses have different Wholesale Tea needs.  Our method is simple.  We listen to what you have to say.  When you telephone us on 02392 750122 a real person will answer you within three rings.  First, we will ask you to tell us about your needs and your business or project in general.  That helps us to give you better advice.  There are often missed opportunities and problems present in your situation which you are not aware of.  By asking more general questions we gain a degree of understanding of your customers' wants.  Once we understand you and your project, we can help.  Your success is our success.  We build business relationships to last.

What to do next to obtain our services as your Wholesale Tea Supplier.

Please use this website as an information resource for your Wholesale Tea needs.  There are many descriptions of teas and instructions on how to brew them. The Wholesale Tea section has pages devoted to some of the types of business we deal with.  If yours is not shown here, please call and ask us. It is likely that we can help.  There is also a catalogue and price list, and you can contact us using the contact form, or emailing us - service@allabouttea.co.uk.  Below there is a video that you may care to watch.  In it, Andrew Gadsden explains further some of the reasons why business like to deal with All About Tea for all their Wholesale Tea needs.