How to Brew Tea
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Tea is a simple pleasure. Here are some simple, authoritative tips on how to make a cup of tea. 1. Buy good tea, and keep it well A good cup of tea begins with your tea merchant. You can ruin … Read More

Local singer/songwriter Jerry Williams to perform at Portsmouth Tea Sessioons

18-year old Jerry Williams, from Milton, is fast becoming Portsmouth’s brightest up-and-coming star of the music scene. She won Runner up for Best Solo Artist for the Portsmouth Guide Awards 2013. She released her first EP, A Hairdresser’s Called Sids, … Read More

Retailer of the Year 2013

We won the Retailer of the Year Award at the News Business Excellence Awards last night.

Should you put the milk in first or last?

Here’s a question I’m asked several times a day. I don’t mind answering it, but I thought it might save everyone time if I wrote the answer down. Should you put the milk in first or last?

Comical Musician Arnold Gutbucket loved Portsmouth Tea so much that he wrote a song about it

Local musician Arnold Gutbucket – also known as James Birmingham – has two great loves: music and Portsmouth Tea. Now, he has combined his two passions: by writing a song about the popular local brew. He premièred the song at … Read More